Lead bar falls from sky, crashes into Seattle family's home

Story highlights

  • The metal part may have fallen off of a plane
  • It has a serial number and holes that accommodate bolts
  • It makes a hole the size of a shoe box in the roof and ceiling of a Seattle home
  • Officer says it is either from a plane "or a really big bird"
The crashing, pulverizing sound of heavy metal invading a home can ruin a quiet weekend spent with the family.
It led some Seattle residents to call the police. But it wasn't a noise nuisance caused by hard rock music that they complained about.
The heavy metal was a bar of lead that plummeted from the sky Sunday, puncturing the roof of a Seattle home, police said.
The three-pound chunk left a hole the size of a small shoe box, according to the Seattle police department.
Luckily, no one was reported injured; the metal apparently did not bang any heads.
The lead part had a serial number and two holes that would accommodate bolts. Two days after it dropped in for an unannounced visit, the family decided to call 911.
An officer responding to the call figured it had to have dropped off of a plane flying by overhead. Police are checking with aviation authorities.
It was either that, the officer said, "or a really big bird that had stolen a lead bar."