Supermoon linked to supercreativity? We think so

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June's supermoon was the biggest and brightest supermoon for 2013

The supermoon is 14% larger and 30% brighter than most full moons

For the event, people used forced-perspective and other tricks to photograph the moon

CNN  — 

The incredible lunar spectacle over the weekend known as a supermoon didn’t stir werewolf sightings or make animals go wild – as far as we know.

But it did spark a bit of supercreativity in people as they set out at all hours of the night to photograph the supermoon in uniquely amazing ways.

Why camp out on top of a hill or pull over on the side of a highway to photograph a supermoon, as some people did? The supermoon is an astronomical rarity, sometimes only happening once a year. It occurs when the moon is full at the same time it reaches perigee, the point when its orbit is closest to Earth, according to NASA. This supermoon happened to be the biggest and brightest one for 2013.

To mark the occasion, some people got a bit creative shooting the moon. Some used forced-perspective, squeezing the moon into their hands, while others situated it between towering skyscrapers. On CNN iReport, we received dozens of photographs of people goofing off with the moon, so we wanted to highlight the top supercreative shots that resonated on the site.

Click through the gallery above to check out these fun and creative shots of the supermoon, and share your own on CNN iReport.

Julia Carpenter contributed to this story