Hollywood A-listers 'demand zero' nukes in new video

Story highlights

  • "I demand zero," each star says in video message to President Obama
  • Video includes Michael Douglas, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert De Niro
  • It is released before Obama's meeting with Putin in Northern Ireland
  • Celebrities deliver lines from Obama's 2009 anti-nuclear weapons speech
Michael Douglas led a dozen Hollywood A-listers in a video aimed at reminding President Barack Obama that he told the world four years ago of the need to eliminate all nuclear weapons.
"I demand zero," said each star, including Oscar winners Douglas, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, Christoph Waltz and Robert De Niro.
The video script consists of lines straight from Obama's landmark speech in the Czech Republic capital of Prague on April 5, 2009.
"Today, I state clearly and with conviction America's commitment to seek the peace and security," Obama is heard saying -- with Douglas and Naomi Watts both completing his sentence -- "of a world without nuclear weapons."
The celebrities -- also including Martin Sheen, Danny DeVito, Alec Baldwin, John Cusack and Zoe Kravitz -- tag-team to deliver Obama's words:
Michael Douglas and other Hollywood celebrities, in a video from the website globalzero.org, recite lines from President Barack Obama's 2009 speech in Prague.
"This matters to people everywhere... Some argue that the spread of these weapons cannot be stopped, cannot be checked... Such fatalism is a deadly adversary... For if we believe that the spread o