A perfect couple: Murdoch split and Twitterverse

Story highlights

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng married in 1999

She famously defended her media mogul husband from a pie-thrower

Murdoch is filing for divorce from Deng, a Murdoch spokesman confirmed Thursday

That news has sparked furious activity on social media and in tabloids

CNN  — 

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, the tweet fittingly declared, “goes from tabloid boss to tabloid prey.”

That’s because the head of the powerful News Corp empire has declared his intention to split from his younger wife Wendi Deng

After the news emerged, the news-ravenous Twitterverse, gossip-hungry tabloids and every other blog started soaking up the latest celebrity divorce.

Inquiring minds are dying to know why this power pair are getting unhitched. The rumor mill is grinding and the whiff of scandal and the hint of sleaze beckon. People who’ve got the answers aren’t tattling.

The New York Daily News said the reasons are “allegedly shocking.” Its headline shouted – “‘Jaw-dropping’!”

For now, people are having fun poking fun. One blogger quipped, “Wendi Deng to divorce Rupert Murdoch after he drops from #98 to #105 on rich list.”