Worst bosses from the big and small screen

Updated 9:36 PM ET, Sun November 2, 2014
Star Wars Jabba the HuttStar Wars Jabba the Hutt
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Darth Vader I could live with. At least you knew where you stood with him. Not Jabba. One minute you're a trusted member of the gang, the next minute he flips a switch and you're down in the pit with a blood-thirsty Rancor. I had a CEO who was just like that. Lucasfilm
Granted, I've never actually had to sell my soul to the devil to keep my job, but I did have a boss from hell who was a raving lunatic, threw temper tantrums like a deranged child and routinely kicked holes in the walls. Warner Brothers Productions
A dysfunctional, childish, petulant, distrustful misanthrope who treats his employees like pawns, and that's on a good day. He's also a problem-solving genius, so it's impossible to outthink or outmaneuver his cruel manipulations. That describes about half the founders in Silicon Valley. Fox
Yes, I had a real-life boss who was every bit as abusive and cruel as this guy was: "You are nothing! If you were in my toilet I wouldn't bother flushing it." He used to berate us just like that. Did I ever imagine kidnapping and torturing him like in the movie? Nah.
Your typical sadistic billionaire CEO, except this one actually does keep a Rancor around, just for laughs. Not quite as evil as Montgomery Burns from the Simpson's, but could you imagine having to work for your insufferable father-in-law? I'd rather take my chances with the Rancor. Fox/Getty Images
No, I've never had a boss who expected me to kidnap a child or commit suicide while reciting Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." But I was forced to work with lawyers, venture capitalists and Wall Street investment bankers. Does that count? Fox/Getty Images
If you've never had to work weekends and holidays for a cantankerous, cold-hearted boss who thinks your life should revolve around him and his company, you don't know what you're missing. Now I work for myself -- and I still don't have a life. Go figure Paramount Pictures
Sometimes it seems like doctors were actually put on earth to torture us -- just like bosses. Besides caring much more about profits than patients, Kelso (right) has the emotional intelligence of cardboard, or about average for a Fortune 500 CEO. Favorite quote: "It's not my job to care" ABC Studios/Getty Images
Ammer's a slimy boss who treats Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) like his personal slave. When Newman farts in his boss's face, it reminded me of a CEO who used to let 'em rip all the time in the boardroom. No, I'm not kidding. I wish I had that magic remote control back then Columbia Pictures
I had a greedy, power-hungry boss who threw employees under the bus without a second thought. Sometimes I have nightmares where I'm strapped to a table, about to be cut in two by a laser. Terrified, I say, "Do you expect me to work?" With his hand on the laser control, my boss sneers, "No, Mr. Tobak, I expect you to die!" Getty Images