Five inviting front porches

Story highlights

  • CNN Living is starting a weekly house tour with user-submitted photos
  • This week, we're featuring lovely front porches
  • Foyers are up next week, so send in photos!
Boy howdy, does the CNN Living team love a house tour! There's just something captivating about walking through a beautiful house, being inspired by design choices and seeing the personal treasures that make a home. And what better place to start a home tour than the front door?
Starting this week, we're selecting user-submitted photos for the CNN iReport Open House Project. For our debut tour, we've chosen "front porches." Each week, we'll feature a different area of the home and learn how homeowners create beautiful spaces. Next week: foyers.
Do you have a grand, eclectic or otherwise unique foyer? Submit a photo for the gallery at CNN iReport!
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