Gadget gift ideas for Father’s Day


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With Father's Day approaching on June 16, here are some gadgets gifts to consider

Instead of obvious tablets and phones, we're mostly showcasing lesser-known tech

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Let’s face it: In 2013, the words “dad” and “tech” don’t clash like they used to.

Plenty of today’s fathers have spent their entire adult lives, if not part of their youth, in the digital age. And as to the others, well, isn’t it our job to drag them kicking and screaming into our brave new world of smartphones and tablets, e-readers and apps?

So, whether you’re shopping for a plugged-in dad or one who just figured out that disc-drive thing on the computer isn’t a cup holder, tech gadgets should probably be on your list of potential Father’s Day gifts.

There are the obvious smartphones, tablets and laptops, of course. But we’d like to showcase some less-obvious gadgets that might make dad forget all that money you borrowed in college.

From wearable workout helpers to advanced beer-chilling tech, hopefully one of these offerings will have some appeal.

And, yes, just because we think cliches are awesome, there’s a necktie.

Happy Dad Day shopping, folks. And if you have any gadget gift ideas of your own, let us know in the comments. We may add them to the gallery.