01:27 - Source: KTVU
Teen's shooting death caught on camera

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NEW: The teenager is identified as 17-year-old David Manson, Jr.

NEW: Two other people were injured in the attack

NEW: Police are searching for the suspect, who opened fire in broad daylight

CNN —  

A surveillance video captured a masked gunman on a rampage in broad daylight on an Oakland, California, street that includes the point-blank execution of a teenage boy cowering on a sidewalk, CNN affiliate KTVU said.

Police are now searching for the gunman who opened fire Sunday on pedestrians, sending them running for their lives into a busy street. One man is struck by a trailer, and his shoe flies into the air, the affiliate said.

The surveillance video shows the teenager putting his hands in the air, but the gunman fires several more shots into the boy point-blank, KTVU said.

CNN has not seen the video in its entirety.

In addition to the teen, who was killed, two others were injured, according to Officer Kevin McDonald with the Oakland Police Department.

He identified the deceased as 17-year-old David Manson Jr., 17. The conditions of the other two victims were not immediately known.

“What do we tell our kids now? You can’t grow up to be 17?” Contee Vility, a neighbor, told KTVU. “You can’t help where you live.”