Arnold Palmer Fast Facts

(CNN)Here is a look at the life of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer.

Birth date: September 10, 1929
Death date: September 25, 2016
Birth place: Latrobe, Pennsylvania
    Father: Milfred Jerome (Deacon) Palmer, golf club pro
    Mother: Doris M. Palmer
    Marriages: Kathleen "Kit" (Gawthrop) Palmer (January 26, 2005-September 25, 2016, his death); Winnie (Walzer) Palmer (December 20, 1954-November 20, 1999, her death)
    Children: with Winnie Palmer: Amy, 1958; Peggy, 1956
    Education: Attended Wake Forest College, 1947-1951 (dropped out senior year)
    Military service: US Coast Guard, 1951-1954
    Other Facts:
    Learned to play golf at age three, taught by his father the Latrobe Country Club golf pro.
    Winner of over 90 golf tournaments and was the first person to make $1 million playing golf.
    Is credited with bringing golf into the mainstream and making it popular with people outside of country clubs.
    Palmer's fans were known as Arnie's Army and followed him on the weekly PGA Tour events.
    Built a financial empire with endorsements and other golf-related ventures, including co-founding the Golf Channel.
    Quit Wake Forest and joined the US Coast Guard after his roommate, Bud Worsham, was killed in a car accident.
    Proposed to his first wife after knowing her for three days.
    Was a licensed jet pilot and flew a Cessna Citation X.
    1954 - Wins the United States Golf Association Amateur Championship.
    November 1954 - Turns pro and signs a sponsorship contract with Wilson Sporting Goods.
    1958, 1960, 1962, 1964 - Wins The Masters.