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Explosions and gunfire across Iraq on Sunday killed eight people and wounded 27, authorities said.

Gunmen opened fire in a Shiite neighborhood in northwestern Baghdad, killing three civilians and wounding one more. Also in the Iraqi capital, gunmen shot a teacher dead outside his house, and a police officer was killed by gunfire at a checkpoint.

Some 50 kilometers (30 miles) to the west, in Falluja, a roadside bomb exploded on an Iraqi army convoy, killing an Iraqi soldier and wounding two others. A similar incident happened near Haditha, about 250 kilometers west of Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and another two were wounded in a convoy bombing there.

And a car bomb went off while Iraqi federal police were conducting a house-to-house search in southern Mosul, about 560 kilometers northwest of Baghdad. That explosion wounded 22 people, including seven federal police officers.