Nine-year-old Emily Conatzer's parents remember her as a 'fashion diva'

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    Parents remember their 9-year-old girl


Parents remember their 9-year-old girl 04:49

Nine-year-old Emily Conatzer was killed when a tornado struck her school in Moore, OK on Monday. John Berman met with her parents yesterday, shortly after they planned their daughter’s funeral.

“She was a fashion diva,” Emily’s dad Christopher Conatzer says. “She was beautiful. She always twirled around and had little ballerina dresses and she loved Lady Gaga. That inspired her to be a fashion designer and she would make stuff like this hat for me and made her own skirt.”
Emily painted her mom’s nails blue the night before the tornado. “She had it all over the place and I had to clean it up," Kristi Conatzer says. "But now I don't want to take it off.”