10 fun Tumblr blogs to follow

There's something addictive about looking at, and in some cases loathing, what rich kids decide to share on Instagram.

Story highlights

  • On Tumblr, the random and humorous win the day
  • Top blogs include pictures of kids crying for silly reasons, actresses with no teeth
  • "Humans of New York" is more poignant, creating a sort of photo census
  • Then there's a coloring and activity book -- of rappers
Sure, serious-minded folks from the White House on down have taken to Tumblr, the popular blogging platform that Yahoo announced it had purchased this week.
When you host 105 million blogs, you're bound to have all types. But since hitting the Web in 2007, the blogs that have emerged as hits on Tumblr have tended to be silly, snarky or both.
With its quick and easy tools for posting and image-friendly layouts, Tumblr has become a natural landing spot for folks in the entertain-me-now world of the Web.
With lots of folks giving the site a look for the first time since news of the $1.1 billion deal was announced, here are 10 fun Tumblr blogs you might want to check out:
This one will probably resonate the most with parents who will likely recognize those moments where frustration meets hilarity.
Greg Pembroke of Rochester, New York, started the blog to find the humor in those out-of-left field toddler meltdowns, as practiced by his sons William and Charlie. Among the captions on his photos of weeping wee ones:
"He can't climb into the sea lion tank."
"I touched his foot with my foot."
"We helped him put on the boots he loves to wear."
He's since opened the blog up to reader submissions -- meaning there are now daughters crying, too.
This blog, like the Dear Leader himself, is no longer active. But scrolling back through its hundreds of photos is still pretty hilarious.
Say what you will about his anti-West rhetoric and dictatorial tendencies. Kim Jong Il knew how to rock a pair of giant sunglasses. And he loved looking at things.
Among the North Korean propaganda shots are images of Kim stoically examining such items as fish, snack food, pizza dough, soy sauce and a juice box.
"Why is it so funny?" wrote Joao Rocha, who ran the blog from Lisbon, Portugal. "I have no idea either."
Once you've inspected Kim's inspections, don't give up hope. As a self-described "shameless knock-off" shows, his successor, Kim Jong Un, likes to look at things too.
Even if you don't follow the blog, you've probably seen some of its posts crop up on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.
Tumblr probably played the biggest role on the Internet in reviving the animated GIF -- those looping snippets of video that, when done right, are strangely entrancing.
Tech journalist Robert Scoble posted a photo of himself in the shower. It landed on Tumblr's White Men Wearing Google Glass.
This one takes scenes from movies and TV and uses them to describe everyday situations.
If most of these are silly, HONY is captivating and, at times, poignant.
In 2010, having just lost his job in finance, Brandon Stanton set out to create a sort of photographic census of New York City. Three years later, he's approached more than 10,000 people, taken 5,000 photos and, in the process, showcased the diversity of a city and a world.
He interviews each subject and usually captions the photos with a choice quote or detail from that interview.
It's actresses. Photoshopped. Without teeth. (Warning: Once these images are seen, they cannot be unseen.)
OK, folks. "Literally," according to Merriam-Webster, means "in a literal sense or manner; actually." So when you say something is literally unbelievable, it means no one should believe it.
If only some folks on Facebook could take their own advice.
This blog rounds up public Facebook posts in which people share articles from The Onion, a satire site, thinking they're real. Its name comes from one reaction to "news" of Planned Parenthood's "$8 billion Abortionplex," complete with coffee shops, bars and a 10-screen movie theater.
"My favorite posts are the ones that express complete shock but not an ounce of doubt," Hongo told CNN in 2011. " 'I can't believe this!' is a pretty funny response to something you should not believe."
"They have more money than you, and this is what they do."
This round-up of shots from the Facebook-owned photo app is enough to get even the biggest supply-side economist a little steamed.
Posing in front of their yachts. Partying in The Hamptons. Showing off their birthday-present Porsches or sipping Dom Perignon through a straw.
Each of those, and so much more, is on display for all the propaganda your class-warfare inclinations will ever need.
If you want to see famous people on the Internet, there are millions of places to find them.
But there's something cool about the often-surprising meetings chronicled here that makes you wish you could be listening in.
Like President Gerald Ford kicking a soccer ball with Pele. Or Jack Nicholson listening to The Monkees warm up. Or CNN's own Anthony Bourdain cooking something with a lot of tentacles while a horrified Christopher Walken watches.
From vintage images to glossy publicity shots, these are guaranteed to draw you in.
A new entry to the Tumblr-scape, this one highlights, without words, an issue Google will face while pushing its innovative new piece of wearable tech. If you looked a little dorky before, you'll look a lot dorky with these things strapped around your head.
Who among us has never wanted to color a picture of Vanilla Ice? Or do a connect-the-dots to put a crown on The Notorious B.I.G.'s head? Or pencil their way through a maze to help Humpty Hump find the Burger King bathroom (to get busy, obviously).
Almost all of us, I'm betting. But that's what you get on this Tumblr, from the wonderfully twisted mind of rapper Bun B.
The mashup of childhood memories and hip-hop stars doesn't make any sense. Which, in its way, makes perfect sense.
In other words, it's perfect for Tumblr.