Moore City Mayor Glenn Lewis says 'we're starting our recovery efforts'

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    Mayor: 'Major loss of life' in Moore


Mayor: 'Major loss of life' in Moore 02:34

CNN’s Brian Todd speaks to the Mayor of Moore City about the devastation his community is facing and the search and rescue efforts currently in motion. Mayor Glenn Lewis says he’s hoping they will find more victims alive, having already had “a major loss of life here; 51 people, 20 of them are kids.” Mayor Lewis says his heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones.

"Right now, we are starting our recovery efforts at City Hall," he says. Mayor Lewis says they have already issued traffic signs for rescue vehicles to navigate the destruction. “We do the traffic signs because when you’re in one of those neighborhoods, you can’t tell where you’re at.”
Todd asks the mayor why the elementary school that was hardest hit did not have a shelter in it. “It’s because of the cost,” Mayor Lewis answers. He says that most of the schools in Oklahoma do not have shelters, but he is sure that this will change. “The school system and city are two separate entities, but I'm sure we'll be talking to them and trying to get FEMA money to help rebuild these schools.”