Tornado touches down in northern Alabama

Story highlights

  • A tornado that hit on the Texas/Louisiana border Thursday was an EF1
  • National Weather Service reports a "brief touchdown" of a tornado in Alabama
  • The storm causes minor damage in Athens, county official says
  • At least 16 tornadoes ripped through Texas on Wednesday, contributing to 6 deaths
A reported tornado briefly touched down Friday afternoon in northern Alabama, causing damage and scares days after twisters proved deadly in Texas.
The twister was part of a severe thunderstorm that rolled through the Southeast, prompting tornado warnings Friday afternoon.
Law enforcement officials reported a funnel cloud -- indicative of a tornado -- at 2:15 p.m. (3:15 p.m. ET), the National Weather Service noted. The same agency later noted there had been a "brief touchdown" of a tornado.
A couple of homes in Athens -- a community of about 22,000 people some 20 miles west of Huntsville -- suffered minor damage as the storm rolled through, said Rita White, spokeswoman for Limestone County's emergency management agency.
Strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, she added.
This severe weather struck two days after at least 16 tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service, ripped through parts of central Texas. Six people died.
The same storm system produced a tornado Thursday in Waskom, Texas, which is along that state's border with Louisiana. The National Weather Service rated that twister as an EF1 -- on the enhanced Fujita tornado damage scale that runs from zero to five, which is the strongest -- meaning it contained winds blowing at about 100 mph.