White kids will no longer be a majority in just a few years

By 2018 or 2019, the Census Bureau projects that white children will account for less than half of the under-18 population.

By Annalyn Kurtz @AnnalynKurtz

(CNNMoney) -- White, non-Hispanic kids will no longer make up the majority of America's youth in just five to six years, according to Census Bureau projections released Wednesday.
Those projections, which include four different scenarios for population growth, estimate that today's minority ethnic groups will soon account for at least half of the under-18 population, either in 2018 or 2019.
"This is going to start from the bottom of the age distribution and move its way up," said William Frey, demographer and senior fellow for the Brooking Institution. "All of these projections show we're moving to greater diversity in the United States."
    Already, more than half of American babies being born belong to racial and ethnic groups traditionally thought of as "minorities" -- which means it could soon be time to toss that word out completely.
    By the time those kids grow up to become adults -- sometime between 2036 and 2042 -- everyone in the working-age population (ages 18 to 64) will be a member of a group that comes up short of the 50% line.
      Demographers call it a "minority-majority." No one single racial or ethnic group will make up more than half of the population.