Two 17-year old sisters meet for the first time at a High School track event

exp point sisters reunited_00000425.jpg
exp point sisters reunited_00000425.jpg


    Sisters reunited on the track


Sisters reunited on the track 02:44

Two sisters were living in the same city, playing the same high school sport but were strangers to each other. Four months ago at a High School track event the two sisters met for the very first time after friends and teammates pointed out to the pair the striking resemblance the two shared. Robin Jeter and Jordan Dickerson sit down to talk to John Berman and Christine Romans on ‘Starting Point’ talking about how they found each other, and the wonderful close bond they have formed.

Jeter says that it did not take long for the two to figure out that they were sisters.
Dickerson describes this whole experiences as initially 'scary,' and claims when the two first met it was "like looking into a mirror."