Brenda Chapman Co-Director of Disney's Animated film Brave signs petitions against main character Merida's makeover

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exp point brenda chapman brave_00001319.jpg


    Disney sexing up 'Brave' heroine?


Disney sexing up 'Brave' heroine? 03:46

Brenda Chapman is the academy award winner, creator and co-director for Disney's global box office animated hit film Brave.

Recently Disney announced that Brave's main character Merida would be made into Disney's 11th princess. Disney gave Merida a makeover that some claim is too sexy for the character that is known for being the antithesis of the stereotypical Disney Princess.
Chapman says she was 'a bit appalled' when she saw what Disney did to Merida. She feels that Disney 'has completely lost sight of the character in this new design."
Chapman has signed an online petition that has already received over 120,000 signatures.