'Gator Boys' Paul Bedard removes 8-foot gator from family's front porch. The gator surprised the family on Mother's Day.

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paul bedard gator boys_00025405.jpg


    Why was gator on the front porch?


Why was gator on the front porch? 03:57

Paul Bedard from Animal Planet's 'Gator Boys' is calm and cool with the gator on 'Starting Point' talking with John Berman and Christine Romans about how he wrestled this 8-foot gator. Bedard was called when a family discovered the gator on their front porch on Mother's Day. He is at Everglades Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale where the gator is temporarily being held.

Initially the mother thought that this was an elaborate Mother's Day prank. However, when the family opened the front door, and found the gator 'hissing', they quickly called Bedard.
Bedard says that the gator was real calm and friendly. He let Bedard grab his tail and drag him out to the grass where they proceeded to have an 'impromptu alligator wrestling show to tire him out.' Once he was tired out, Bedard jumped on him and taped his mouth shut.
According to Bedard the gator 'probably got disoriented' trying to get to the pond behind the home.
    Bedard claims that he has 'seen it all' and was not scared by the prospect of having to wrestle this gator.
    Since the gator was an unexpected package on the family's doorstep, Bedard and his co-workers have nicknamed the gator 'Fed-Ex.'