A friend of Travis Alexander, Dr. Karl Hiatt on the first degree murder verdict for Jodi Arias.

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    Life or death for Jodi Arias?


Life or death for Jodi Arias? 04:00

Life or Death for Jodi Arias?

Dr. Karl Hiatt was very close with Alexander, and refers to himself as his "Arizona dad." Hiatt is on 'Starting Point' talking to John Berman about how he feels now that this chaotic trial is complete. Hiatt feels that Arias deserves the death penalty "to keep order so the next person doesn't do the same thing." Hiatt wants to prevent another crime of this nature from happening again.
Upon hearing the verdict, Hiatt felt a "sigh of relief" at the completion of this trial, which has been described as a circus. Now that the trial is over Hiatt wants to speak out on behalf of Alexander now that the trial is complete.