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    Ohio girl Ashley Summers remains missing


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Linda Summers is the step-grandmother to Katie Summers, who went missing in 2007 at the age of 14. She talks to Zoraida Sambolin on Starting Point about the on-going investigation into Ashley’s disappearance.

Ashley was last seen in the same neighborhood where the three missing women were found on Monday in Cleveland. Initially, investigators had speculated that the disappearance of Amanda Berry, Gina De Jesus and Ashley Summers were all connected. However, now that Berry and De Jesus were found with a third female Michelle Knight, what happened to Summers is still a mystery. Linda explains, “we’re putting out all hopes that they know of something,” and that through the investigation answers to many of the questions surrounding Ashley’s disappearance will be answered. The family is looking for “any information they can get” in regards to Ashley’s 2007 disappearance.
Summers was initially considered a runaway, however a serious of events lead the family to believe that was not the case. One instance that Linda Summers talks about occurred about four months after her disappearance. Linda believes that she saw Katie while driving down a local street at night. Linda states, “her hair was cut short and dyed blonde.” However, by the time Linda had the car turned around to verify it was her, “she had disappeared down an alley.”
Ashley’s family is remaining in contact with the police and FBI in regards to the investigation into Ashley’s disappearance. Linda says, “that all you can do is hope and pray,” for something good to happen.