Katie Beers reacts to Ohio women's escape



    Katie Beers reacts to OH women's escape


Katie Beers reacts to OH women's escape 04:23

Katie Beers was abducted in 1993 at the age of nine years old, and held for 17 days in an underground bunker by a family friend. She is on Starting Point talking with Zoraida Sambolin about her recovery experience, and her advise for the three women found in Ohio after being missing for nearly a decade.

Beers was “ecstatic” to learn that these three women were found alive after all of these years, and hopes that they take the time to heal and get counseling to help them through the difficult recovery that abducted children face upon returning home. Beers stresses that it will be “difficult for these three women to assimilate back into normal everyday life.” She attributes her foster parents with being an amazing support system for her in the wake of her recovery. Katie is also thankful that her foster parents kept her out of the public eye, and shielded her from the media coverage of her case.