Ed Smart: father of rescued abductee Elizabeth Smart weighs in on three missing women found in Ohio

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    Ed Smart: Father of Elizabeth Smart


Ed Smart: Father of Elizabeth Smart 03:04

Ed Smart is on Starting Point talking with Zoraida Sambolin and Christine Romans. He is the father of Elizabeth Smart, who was rescued after being kidnapped back in June 2002, and was rescued nine months later. Ed Smart called the rescue of the women "three miracles," and hopes that the women take time to bond with their families, and "find their new place in the world."

Ed Smart believes the most important advice he could give the victims and their families is to tell them that this is not their faults, despite any type of guilt or responsibility their captures may have placed on them. He states that, "This was a segment in their lives, and they have their entire lives ahead of them."
Smart believes that ultimately the most important thing is to make sure that justice is served, and that these captures cannot do this again.