News reports: Twitter's Nicole Wong considered for White House position

Nicole Wong is leaving Twitter to work on privacy issues at the White House, according to news reports.

Story highlights

  • Twitter lawyer Nicole Wong is being hired as a privacy adviser, news reports say
  • Wong worked at Google for eight years handling censorship issues
  • Wong will be advising Todd Park, chief technology officer
  • Neither the White House nor Twitter has responded
The White House is reportedly considering hiring Twitter's Nicole Wong as part of its legal team to focus on privacy issues, though a final decision on the position has not yet been made.
Wong started at Twitter just seven months ago as the legal director for Twitter's products team.
According to multiple news reports, Wong is a leading contender for the position of senior adviser to Todd Park, the United States chief technology officer. Previously, Wong worked at Google for eight years as a vice president and deputy general counsel. Before that, she was a partner at the law firm Perkins Coie.
The White House has not confirmed the hire, and neither the White House nor Twitter immediately returned requests Tuesday for comment. The news was first reported Tuesday by tech-news site CNET.
The UC-Berkeley graduate is no stranger to politically volatile topics.
During her time at Google, Wong was in charge of censorship issues for products such as YouTube, deciding whether controversial videos uploaded to the service should be blocked from certain countries' search results.
A 2008 New York Times article described the work of Wong's team at Google in depth:
"They decide what controversial material does and doesn't appear on the local search engines that Google maintains in many countries in the world, as well as on As a result, Wong and her colleagues arguably have more influence over the contours of online expression than anyone else on the planet."
If chosen for the new position, Wong would potentially work directly under Park, who started with the White House in 2012 and is the second person to hold the title of U.S. CTO.