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3-D printer makes working gun

Story highlights

Group showcases test firing of a gun made with a 3-D printer

Self-styled anarchist created "The Liberator," from plastic, with a nail for a firing pin

Blueprints for the gun have been posted online so others can duplicate it

Demo comes as lawmakers are calling for bans on printed handguns

CNN —  

A Texas group run by a self-described anarchist has posted what appears to be the first video of the live firing of a handgun created with a 3-D printer.

The 53-second video shows a single shot being fired from The Liberator, a plastic handgun that, with the exception of its metal firing pin, was assembled from parts made with a 3-D printer, according to Defense Distributed. The gun appears unscathed after the test firing, although the brief clip does not reveal anything about its range or accuracy.

The nonprofit group, founded by 25-year-old law student Cody Wilson, has posted instructions for the gun online so other people can duplicate it. The gun was created with a Stratasys Dimension SST printer, which can be purchased online for as little as $8,000.

Wilson fired the gun Saturday and the video was posted to YouTube on Sunday. The group’s self-described “Wiki Weapon Project” is about a year old. Until now, the group had only reported being able to make plastic, interchangeable parts for firearms, but not entire weapons.

The Liberator is comprised of 16 interchangeable pieces, with a nail for a firing pin. According to the group, the barrel can be changed out to fire different kinds of ammo.

Not surprisingly, reports of the test-firing have r