Can brain implants restore lost memories?

Updated 4:26 PM ET, Fri October 2, 2015
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U.S. researchers are hopeful that human trials on a revolutionary memory implant will be fruitful. Scientists say that the implant could help people restore the memories of people who have had a stroke or suffered localized brain injury. MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty Images
The researchers are focusing on the hippocampus -- the place in the brain where short-term memories are made into long-term memories. In a separate study, Stanford University researchers recently created an 3-D animation (pictured) that renders the hippocampus region of a mouse brain transparent. Stanford University
Deep brain stimulation using electrodes and implants for epilepsy and other conditions has helped to pave the way for social acceptance of invasive brain procedures. Helen Mayberg
A precision robot helps doctors learn how to perform brain surgery, reducing the fear factor in patients. Boris Horvat/Getty Images/file
The U.S. military is partially funding the development of memory implants to find ways to treat soldiers with battlefield brain injuries. Johannes Eisele/ AFP/Getty Images/file
Alzheimer's: memory implants aren't promising a panacea for dementia sufferers but may soon help early-stage patients. AFP/Getty Images/file