Saudi Arabia's rising art stars

Published 3:49 AM ET, Mon May 6, 2013
Greenbox Museum Saudi Art AmsterdamGreenbox Museum Saudi Art Amsterdam
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The Greenbox Museum is the first museum dedicated solely to Saudi Art. That it is located in Amsterdam demonstrates the art's scene is finding more love overseas than at home. Greenbox Museum
'The Stopper', by Saudi artist Rashed Al Shashai, sold through Artspace Gallery, which has branches in Dubai and London. Artspace Gallery
British art enthusiast Stephen Stapleton set up Edge of Arabia with Saudi artists Ahmed Mater and Abdulnasser Gharem. The art collective focuses on showcasing Saudi artists, like Sarah Al Abdai (shown). Soraya Darwish
Saudi artist Maha Malluh is part of the Edge of Arabia collective. Her installation, 'Food for Thought' displays old cassette tapes in baking trays. Soraya Darwish
Saudi's art scene has developed to such an extent that last March witnessed the launch of the Saudi Art Guide. Co-founder Soraya Darwish is also an artist. Her work, 'Nice to Meet You', showed at Athr Gallery. Soraya Darwish
Athr Gallery, one of Saudi's first contemporary art institutions, is committed to showcasing the work of young Saudi artists. Above are paintings by Sara Abdu, who exhibited at Athr's Young Saudi Artist exhibition in 2012.
Ahmen Mater is one of Saudi Arabia's most prominent artists. His video installation, 'Photoshop', was exhibited during the first ever Jeddah Art Week. Tate Modern director Chris Dercon made a visit. Mario El Khouri
Saudi artist Arwa Al Neami also showed her installation, 'Ya Taiba', during Jeddah Art Week. Mario El Khouri