Why Ross Mathews decided to 'Man Up!'

Comedian Ross Mathews' "Man Up!" is due out on May 7.

Story highlights

  • Ross Mathews doubles as "Tonight Show" correspondent and "Chelsea Lately" guest
  • His memoir "Man Up!" is due out on May 7
  • Mathews: "This book is about me, and the world through my eyes"
Big, bright and bubbly -- comedian Ross Mathews never apologizes for who he is.
Between duties as a "Tonight Show" correspondent and guest appearances on E!'s late-night talk show "Chelsea Lately," the 33-year-old covers a lot of ground in the 200-plus pages of his new memoir "Man Up!"
He shares with readers the story of how he came out to his parents and why overcoming personal insecurities, like his high-pitched voice, were key to his success.
Ahead of his memoir's May 7 release, Mathews sat down with CNN to share a few juicy details and explain why he's not leaving anything out.
CNN: In your book, you say you always knew you'd write a memoir. You've been in the business for a little over a decade, so why did you decide to do it now?
Mathews: As I was working in Hollywood and sort of amassing these stories I thought, 'Remember all of this. Write it down.' It just felt like the right time. Especially with Chelsea's (Handler) success in the literary world, when she heard I wanted to write a book she said 'I want to publish this.' It just felt like the perfect time.
CNN: You divulge more than a few secrets in the book. Was there anything that you held back or something you thought twice about before printing?
Mathews: Well, you know this book is about me, and the world through my eyes. If I didn't tell every story -- the ones where I was a hero and the ones where I wasn't a hero -- then there was no point in telling it. The only time I ever held back is when it was about someone else. I didn't want to throw anybody else under the bus, but I definitely bear everything out about me. I mean there's nothing off limits in the book. I mean, I tell every sordid detail of my life -- the pretty and the not-so-pretty.
CNN: You said that you got your start, in part, because of an attribute you were once ashamed of, your voice. How has that shaped who you are today?
Mathews: (Laughs) OK, listen, at a certain point I just had to realize puberty d*cked me over. So I just said, 'Use it! Shake your moneymaker.' My brother used to make fun of me, people in school used to make fun of me and I just realized one day that this is the card you've been dealt, use it to your advantage. And when I did that, everything changed for me.