No sign of human remains where latest 9/11 part found

Story highlights

  • A Boeing Company technician confirms the piece is from a Boeing 767
  • It was found behind the site of a controversial Muslim community center
  • The piece was taken to a property facility in Brooklyn
No "potential human remains" have been found in the Manhattan location where a 9/11 aircraft part was recently discovered, New York's chief medical examiner said Wednesday.
The announcement followed an inspection at 51 Park Place, where a piece of one of the planes in the September 11, 2001, terror attack was found Friday. It was removed Wednesday.
The piece was wedged in an 18-inch space behind the building, the site of the controversial Islamic community center known by its critics as the "ground zero mosque."
The office said soil-sifting operations have been completed at the site, where the 5-foot-long, 4-foot-wide, and 17-inch-deep part was found.
2012: Time-lapse: New WTC tower
2012: Time-lapse: New WTC tower


    2012: Time-lapse: New WTC tower


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A Boeing Company technician confirmed that the piece is a support structure from a trailing edge flap on the wing of a Boeing 767 like the ones that were flown into the World Trade Center.
Police officers hoisted the 255-pound piece out of the location with a pulley and loaded it onto a truck bound for a police property facility in Brooklyn. One police official described the mood at the scene as "eerie." Some of the personnel there responded to the attack.
"It's a piece of history and we tried to preserve it as best we could," said Police Deputy Chief William Aubry. "It brought back a lot of memories."