Photos: OKC runners remember two bombings

Updated 9:07 AM ET, Tue April 30, 2013
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Victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing are remembered at the site of the blast, which abuts the starting line for the city's memorial marathon. Michael Downes for CNN
Sara Hunt's Boston Marathon was cut short near the 26-mile mark when two bombs went off. She came to Oklahoma City to finish what she started. Michael Downes for CNN
Runners at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon wore red socks and leggings in honor of Boston. Green shoe laces honored Oklahoma City. Michael Downes for CNN
Marathoners honored the victims of the Oklahoma City and Boston bombings with a total of 171 seconds of silence, or one second per victim. Michael Downes for CNN
Terri Talley survived the Oklahoma City bombing after being buried in the rubble. She sees the city's marathon as a celebration of the good that's followed evil. Michael Downes for CNN
The Oklahoma City marathon was held only 13 days after explosions at the finish line in Boston. Michael Downes for CNN
More than 25,000 runners participated in the event, which included a marathon and shorter races. Michael Downes for CNN
Firefighters walked and ran in honor of the victims in Oklahoma City and Boston. Michael Downes for CNN
Runners said wacky cheerleaders help push them toward the finish. Michael Downes for CNN
No major security incidents were reported at the marathon, which was held Sunday. Michael Downes for CNN
Sara Hunt, 25, said she came to Oklahoma City, a place familiar with tragedy, to learn how to process the bombing she witnessed in Boston. Michael Downes for CNN