On the trail with George W. Bush

Updated 12:29 PM ET, Thu April 25, 2013
The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas
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The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas. Getty Images
With the opening of the Library, CNN Political Producer Mike Roselli, who covered that 2000 campaign, dug into his political archives for some Bush memorabilia. Mike Roselli / CNN
On June 12, 1999, Governor Bush flew from Austin to Iowa -- of course. Not that there was any question as to why he was there -- but it wasn't spelled out in the advance copy of the speech. MIke Roselli / CNN
A press credential, luggage tag and schedule from that first trip. As the campaign went on there were more credentials -- a lot more. Mike Roselli / CNN
In "Decision Points," Bush wrote about the first flight, "I had christened our plane Great Expectations. Shortly after we lifted off, I grabbed the microphone and announced, 'This is your candidate. Please stow your expectations securely in the overhead bins, as they may shift during the trip and may fall and hurt someone -- especially me.' To drive the point home, soft Nerf-like stars were handed out. Mike Roselli / CNN
Bush a longtime baseball fan -- the first "Little Leaguer" to win the White House -- and one time part owner of the Texas Rangers - had his own campaign baseball cards. Mike Roselli / CNN
The baseball theme ran through the campaign -- including a "scorecard" from that first swing. He wasn't sent back to the minors -- but Bush didn't have a perfect game either. Sen. John McCain (R) Arizona beat him decisively 49% to 30% in the New Hampshire primary. Mike Roselli / CNN
An exhibit at the new Bush Library is a wall of baseballs. He attended nine major league games as president. As candidate, Bush took in one -- opening day at the Houston Astros' brand new stadium -- Enron Field. Now Minute Maid Park -- renamed after the Enron scandal. MIke Roselli / CNN
More sports - golf anyone? Somewhere along the campaign trail -- golf towels appeared. Mike Roselli / CNN
Since 1960 and JFK, presidential candidates have crisscrossed the country in their own campaign planes... painted with logos, slogans and the American flag -- the Bush campaign was no exception -- it even made a metal die-cast version. Mike Roselli / CNN
But why stop with just "branding" the outside of the plane. It came complete with headrest covers. Mike Roseli / CNN
With any campaign there are posters -- this rare one barely made it out of the campaign headquarters on North Congress St. in Austin. Mike Roselli / CNN
There were banners. Mike Roselli / CNN
And mugs and computer disks. Mike Roselli/CNN
Books and bumper stickers. Mike Roselli/CNN
Conventions and debates. Mike Roselli/CNN
Lots of buttons. Mike Roselli/CNN
And buttons that didn't get the candidate's name just right. Dad is George H.W. Bush -- son is George W. Bush. Mike Roselli/CNN
All ending -- or in this case -- not ending on Election Night. Many "traveling press" took up residence in Austin for the recount - being there so long - Christmas Party Invites were sent out. Mike Roselli/CNN