Top 10 jobs of 2013

Published 11:27 PM ET, Wed April 24, 2013
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According to the job search site CareerCast, actuaries have the best jobs of 2013, based on criteria of income, stress, work environment and growth outlook. The job entails analyzing statistics to calculate the risk of death, illness or injury, often for insurance purposes. Getty Images
This field of health care has the strongest hiring outlook out of the top 10 jobs. Getty Images
Software and their creators will have to adapt quickly to evolving technology, with cloud computing being the current big change, the report points out. Getty Images
As the U.S. population ages, audiologists are in demand and enjoy a low-stress job. Getty Images
Wealth managers have the highest income of the top 10 jobs list, averaging $107,222 per year. Getty Images
According to the report, opportunities for dental hygienists are expected to grow considerably by 2020. Getty Images
Occupational therapists help injured or ill people achieve independence by adjusting their environment and suggesting equipment, a field seen as important for the aging population. Getty Images
Again, as the population ages, a large group of elderly people with failing eyesight will seek help for their vision. Getty Images
Physical therapists help injured people achieve better mobility, another field that will benefit from the aging population. Getty Images
The report points out that managing networks will become more important as companies transition from hard-copy files to digital formats. Getty Images