UDOO, a mini PC taking DIY projects to the next level

Updated 7:27 AM ET, Tue April 23, 2013
Raspberry Pi+Arduino Due+UdooRaspberry Pi+Arduino Due+Udoo
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The UDOO (pronounced "you do") brings together the power of four Raspberry Pi's and the popular micro-controller Arduino to create a highly customizable PC for just $100. SECO USA Inc/Aidilab
The UDOO board runs on Android and Linux and supports accessories and sensors such as a touch display and the RFID reader. SECO USA Inc./Adilab
UDOO's makers say the hardware is designed to allow for easy software development and design, so that with just a few steps users can start creating their own projects -- such as this tablet controlled, camera-equipped car -- with minimum knowledge. Seco USA Inc./Adilab
The rough and ready PC can be used to teach everything from the fundamentals of software development to the most advanced areas. Users can choose the configuration that fits their level of skills and from there move forward in the direction they want. Seco USA Inc./Adilab
The board can even be used as an educational tool for children, introducing them to the basics of programming through its in-built language "Scratch4Arduino." Seco USA Inc./Adilab
Users can plug sensors into the Arduino board, turning it into a controller for video games, like a much cheaper, homemade Wii Balance Board. Seco USA Inc./Adilab
Other possible UDOO applications include what its makers call "smart furniture". For instance, users are encouraged to embed sensors into home-furnishings so that they can stream radio -- allowing stations and volume to be controlled with just the swipe of a hand. Seco USA Inc./Adilab