In pictures: Cyrus Kabiru's eye-catching creations

Updated 4:18 AM ET, Tue April 23, 2013
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Cyrus Kabiru is a Kenyan sculptor and painter creating artworks from found objects. Cyrus Kabiru
The self-taught artist, pictured wearing his creations, is best known for his "C-Stunners" range, a series of eye-catching handmade spectacles. Cyrus Kabiru
Kabiru roams the streets of Nairobi, Kenya's capital, to collect materials he can use in his work -- everything from scrap metal and plastic to cutlery and bottle tops. Cyrus Kabiru
In Kabiru's hands, the recycled materials are transformed into whimsical pieces of art. Cyrus Kabiru
"I don't see trash as waste," says the soft-spoken artist. "I just see the trash as a chance for creativity." Cyrus Kabiru
Kabiru grew up in a house opposite Nairobi's dumping site. "When I woke up every morning, the first thing I'd see was trash," remembers Kabiru. Cyrus Kabiru
At high school, Kabiru would use his creations to barter with his classmates.

"I never did exams, I never did homework," he says. "I used to exchange; 'you'll do my homework, I'll give you my artwork.'"
Cyrus Kabiru
Today, Kabiru's work has been in shows around the world. Cyrus Kabiru
The young artist has been invited to speak at many international events, including the TED2013 conference in Long Beach, California, and this year's Milan Fashion Week. Cyrus Kabiru
Kabiru has also launched "Outreach," an initiative aimed at encouraging people in Kenya's rural communities to create art with recycled materials. Cyrus Kabiru
"I travel from Nairobi to the rural areas to teach them how to give trash a second chance," he says. Cyrus Kabiru
Apart from his arresting spectacles, Kabiru is also crafting sculptures from trash he collects. This piece is made from bottle tops. Cyrus Kabiru
He is also a painter, often depicting aspects of daily life in a humorous and satirical way. Cyrus Kabiru