Famous manhunts

Updated 2:02 PM ET, Fri August 14, 2015
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Guards in an upstate New York prison found the cells of convicted murderers Richard Matt, left, and David Sweat empty during an early morning bed check on June 6, 2015. Three weeks later, Matt was shot and killed by police officers near the Canadian border. Sweat was captured in the same area two days later, ending a massive and costly manhunt. NY State Police
State troopers escort Eric Matthew Frein from the state police barracks in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania, on October 31, 2014. Frein, who is accused of killing a Pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another, was found at an abandoned airport near Tannersville, Pennsylvania, authorities said. He had been on the run for nearly two months. Jason Farmer/The Scranton Times & Tribune/AP
Edward Snowden, the man who leaked top-secret details about U.S. surveillance programs, has been charged with three felony counts, including violations of the U.S. Espionage Act. He left the United States and hid out in Hong Kong until WikiLeaks helped him move to Moscow, where he lived in an airport for about five weeks before being granted temporary asylum in Russia in August 2013. Snowden has said he is afraid he would not get a fair trial if he came back to the United States. The Guardian via Getty Images
Convicted mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger spent more than a decade on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list before being arrested in June 2011 in Santa Monica, California. The jury in his federal racketeering trial found him guilty on 31 of 32 counts -- including involvement in 11 murders -- in August 2013. He is currently serving two consecutive life sentences in prison. U.S. Marshal Service
Eric Toth, a former private school teacher and camp counselor, was on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" fugitives list when he was captured in Nicaragua in April 2013. The investigation into the suspected child predator began in June 2008 after pornographic images of children were found on a school camera that had allegedly been in his possession. FBI
Boston was on edge for days during a massive manhunt for the suspects responsible for the marathon bombings in April 2013. Finally, authorities apprehended Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after an overnight shootout with police that resulted in the death of his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. A federal jury sentenced Tsarnaev to death in May 2015 for his involvement in the bombings that killed three and injured more than 260 people. MA State Police
Former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, accused of killing four people, led police on a chase lasting days before he was tracked to a hideout in the San Bernardino Mountains. He took his own life in February 2013. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images
Ted Bundy raped and murdered dozens of women across the country in the 1970s. He escaped from prison twice but was captured after being stopped for driving a stolen car in 1978. He was executed in Florida in 1989. Bill Frakes/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
The FBI is still searching for Abdul Rahman Yasin, a suspect in the February 26, 1993, World Trade Center bombing that killed six and injured more than 1,000 people in New York. Six other suspects were convicted in the attack. FBI/Getty Images
Eric Robert Rudolph -- who was convicted of a string of bombings, including one at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta -- eluded capture until 2003. He was arrested in Murphy, North Carolina, and is serving four consecutive life sentences plus 120 years. Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images
Once a fixture on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list, al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs in an Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound on May 2, 2011. AFP/Getty Images
Lovebird bandits Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are believed to have committed 13 murders and several robberies and burglaries before they were ambushed and killed by police in 1934. AFP/GettyImages