Amanda Seyfried wants to be Regina in 'Mean Girls' musical

Amanda Seyfried played Karen in the movie "Mean Girls," but she'd want to play another character on stage.

Story highlights

  • There have been rumors about a musical based on "Mean Girls"
  • Amanda Seyfried starred in the movie version as Karen
  • In Allure magazine, Seyfried said she'd want to play Regina in the musical
  • But could Seyfried pull off the role of the queen bee?
When we heard the rumors around a "Mean Girls" musical, we immediately started casting the parts.
But one thing we didn't account for was the idea that Amanda Seyfried might not want to reprise her role as Karen.
After all, what about Karen would make Seyfried not want to play her? She's pretty. She doesn't have to think, like, ever. She gets to wear pink on Wednesdays. She has ESPN, and her boobs can predict the weather. Or rather, her boobs can tell you about the current weather conditions.
So why would Seyfried want to walk away from the character who first put her on our radar? The temptation of the dark side, perhaps?
Seyfried tells Allure, "I desperately want to be Regina." So our question for you is: Would this work? Could Seyfried's big doe eyes contain the ferocity necessary to be queen bee? More importantly, could Seyfried convincingly play the girl who can't be killed (even when hit by a bus)?
Although Seyfried's career has definitely sky rocketed since her days as Karen, we're not so sure we could handle a switch up within the plastics squad. What are your thoughts? Who would you cast as Regina George in a "Mean Girls" musical?