Some fans thought Will Ferrell and Aubrey Plaza planned her running on stage as he accepted his MTV award.

Story highlights

Plaza offers no apology, confession or explanation

The actress interrupted Will Ferrell's Comedic Genius award acceptance

Plaza is promoting her new comedy, "The To Do List"

MTV officially denies it was staged, insisting Plaza was expelled from the audience

Las Vegas CNN  — 

Aubrey Plaza’s lips are firmly sealed about her MTV Movie Awards “Kanye” moment four days ago, which could be seen as evidence that it was a stunt to promote her new movie.

“What do you think?” Plaza replied Wednesday night at a “To Do List” screening.

The actress ran onstage Sunday as Will Ferrell began his acceptance speech for the Comedic Genius award. While holding a drink in one hand, she grabbed his golden popcorn bucket trophy with the other in a not-so-convincing struggle to get it.

MTV quickly promoted the “incident,” while officially denying it was staged and insisting that Plaza was expelled from the audience. The network’s website posted a story headlined “Did Kanye West Inspire Aubrey Plaza’s Movie Awards Stage-Crash?”

West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards – in which he made it clear he thought Beyonce deserved the honor more – was soon followed by an apology tour.

He told Jay Leno that his actions were rude and he was “ashamed that my hurt caused someone else’s hurt.” He announced that he would “take some time off” to think about how to “make it through the rest of this life.” In fact, his planned three-month tour with Lady Gaga was cut short.

But Plaza is offering no apology, confession or explanation.

Her only public comment was a tweet posted Monday: “thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned!”

Was the struggle staged, but not with everyone looped in, so that MTV could deny it was a stunt without lying? Plaza was given the front-row center seat closest to Ferrell, whom she said she’s “known for a long time.” The camera did zoom in on her after she sat back down, giving viewers a clear shot of “#TheToDoList” scribbled across her chest.

“That’s an interesting theory,” Plaza said. “I like that one.”

Did she do it because the best way to get a Hollywood entertainment reporter to write about her is with bad behavior?

“Is that true?” she said. As if she didn’t know.

Can she reveal anything people don’t know? “I can play the saxophone,” she said. “That’s something surprising that people don’t know about me.”

It would “be a dream come true” to play sax at the MTV Awards, she said.

Why wait to be invited? You could jump up on stage.

“That’s true,” she said.