In pictures: David Sengeh

Updated 12:19 PM ET, Thu April 18, 2013
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David Sengeh, 26, is a MIT MEDIA lab doctorate student working to enhance the lives of amputees by designing the perfect fit for every prosthetic socket. David Sengeh
The prosthetic socket is the interface between the body and the prosthetic limb. It can be a major source of discomfort for amputees. David Sengeh
Sengeh, who is from Sierra Leone, has found a way to load MRI scans of a patient's limbs onto a multilayer 3D computer to customize the socket design -- a development that could potentially change the industry.
Sengeh is not only coming up with new creations, he is also out to find other bright young Africans. The young scientist has launched Innovate Salone, a mentoring initiative aiming to inspire innovation and self-sufficiency in his native country.
One of the young students Sengeh mentors through this initiative is Kelvin Doe, a 15-year-old Sierra Leonean who created a radio station from scraps. Sengeh brought Doe to present his inventions at MIT, making him the youngest ever person to be invited to MIT's Visiting Practitioners Program. David Sengeh
Through a competition, Innovate Salone finances education programs in Sierra Leone, covering everything from electronics to farming. David Sengeh
Sengeh has also launched Global Minimum, a group encouraging Africans to make their own solutions, starting with the problem of malaria in Sierra Leone. David Sengeh