The art of pampering your pet

Published 9:19 AM ET, Mon April 15, 2013
Tazi TiaraTazi Tiara
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Tazi Tiara of Tampa, Florida, makes her mom, Lisa Fink, very proud. She's getting married this summer in this $1,000 stunner by Severine Vicknair of Pink Punk Puppy Designs. courtesy Lisa Fink
Lucas of Newark, New Jersey, shows off one of his winter coats. Lucas nearly died as a puppy, but student Michelle Soares paid the $3,000 vet bill on a credit card, then worked to pay it off while going to school part-time. courtesy Michelle Soares
Debbie Bornstein from Florida bought a car seat for her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Samson, who wanted to sit on her lap while she was driving. Now he has his own cushy seat, high enough to give him an excellent view. courtesy Debbie Bornstein
Virginia Beach, Virginia, resident Kate Lewis takes her rescue dog, Lola, on "excursions," such as sheep herding. Here, Lola is bobbing for hot dogs courtesy Kate Lewis
A pet psychic hired by Salt Lake City resident Hikmet Loe for her Rhodesian ridgeback Terra (bottom) said that the dog was disappointed about not going to the beach, as promised. Courtesy Hikmet Loe
Dog bakeries such as Three Dog Bakery in Southlake, Texas, are popping up all over the United States. Courtesy Layla Torkzadeh
Brittany Anderson of Minnesota grew up sharing her breakfast with hamsters. Now she spoils her three guinea pigs, including Honey Boo Boo, pictured here wearing one of her many dresses. Courtesy Brittany Anderson
Caroline Rongey from Collinsville, Illinois, lets her cat Steve eat his dinner at the table and dresses him up on holidays. Courtesy Caroline Rongey
Phoebe sleeps with her owners, Emily and Devin Hurley, of Sacramento, California, and sometimes gives them a friendly kick in the head at 5 a.m. Courtesy Emily Hurley
Layla Torkzadeh's 4-pound Yorkie-Shih Tzu mix, Paisley, goes everywhere with Layla and gets her nails painted during "pawdicures." Courtesy Layla Torkzadeh
Paisley has her own closet, filled with clothes. Courtesy Layla Torkzadeh
Susan Roberts of Levelland, Texas, has three "fur babies" -- West Highland terriers Bogart, Spencer and Holly. They have their own "Christmas Westie" tree and costumes for every holiday. Courtesy Susan Roberts
When Keely, a border collie mix, celebrated her first birthday on February 26, her owner, Amy Mourhess, threw a party. She served doughnuts with a picture of Keely wearing a party hat on them. Courtesy Amy Mourhess
Guess which meal is for the dog? If you chose the one on the left, you're correct. Monique Staffile cooks her Shih Tzu, Scrappy, fresh meals every night, while Staffile often eats leftovers. Courtesy Monique Staffile
Meet Nickie, also known as King Neptune. Diane Deeward of Michigan went all out for the Mardi Paws parade in Mandeville, Louisiana, in March for her dogs, Nickie and Melody. The parade's theme was "Doggone Wet." Courtesy Diane Deeward
San Diego resident Shila Hooshmand celebrated Ruffle's first birthday in a big way. "It's the closest thing I have to a child thus far," Hooshmand said. Courtesy Shila Hooshman
With three dogs and three cats, pampering keeps Jes Hand and Donna Troka of Atlanta busy. Here one of their cats, Horace, is looking dapper. Courtesy Jes Hand and Donna Troka
Here, Hand and Troka's dogs, Oscar and Sula, feast on birthday treats. Courtesy Jes Hand and Donna Troka
Colorado resident Neva Edmunds heaps affection on her cat Lucy, who was a great comfort to her during a third bout with cancer. Lucy walks on a leash and is the center of attention at Neva's social events. Courtesy Neva Edmunds