In pictures: Second-hand clothing in Africa

Updated 5:26 AM ET, Fri April 12, 2013
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Second-hand clothing is a big business in open-air markets across many African countries. SIMON MAINA/AFP/GettyImages/file
Several African countries, including South Africa and Nigeria, have banned imports of previously owned garments to protect national industries. SIMON MAINA/AFP/GettyImages/file
Designer Sylvia Owori (pictured), one of the most prominent fashion figures in Uganda, says heavy competition from the used-clothing industry is a growing threat to her business. "It's very difficult to compete with second-hand market," she says. "Probably 90% of the clothing people are buying in the whole country are second-hand clothes." ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images/file
A vendor sells second-hand clothes in Nairobi, Kenya. Some analysts say the influx of Western used clothes curtails local clothing production and hinders economic development. SIMON MAINA/AFP/GettyImages/file