Essential tips for surviving savage seas

Published 6:25 AM ET, Thu April 11, 2013
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Stormy waters sent your boat over? Techniques for getting it upright again depend on its size. Grab the centerboard or tie a rope to something secure in the middle and lean back, using your weight to pull the boat over. Courtesy Bloomsbury
If a shark starts to zig-zag towards you, you need animal instinct. Thrust something at its super-sensitive nose or stab at its eyes or gills. Courtesy Bloomsbury
Nothing for dinner? Well fishes often gather beneath vessels, so troll a handline with a hook and anything flashy to serve as a lure. Once you catch one, use the guts as bait to catch more. Simple. ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images
Stop small fires on board from spreading by storing fresh extinguishers in the most likely locations for fire. When fighting the fire, keep a clear escape route behind you at all times and always extinguish from the bottom up. Havariekommando/Getty Images
If water is getting into your boat through a leak you have a real problem. Locate the leak immediately. If you can't find it head for dry land. Fast. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images