Seth Green: 'Sexy Evil Genius'

Seth Green attends the Los Angeles premiere of  "The Story of Luke" at the Laemmle Music Hall on April 2.

Story highlights

  • The actor has a new indie film coming out
  • He says entertainment is more about the content than how it's delivered
  • He will also be starring in Seth MacFarlane's live action sitcom
For nearly two decades, Seth Green has been one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. Not only has he lent his voice to "Family Guy" each season as Chris Griffin, but he's also the creator and voices behind Adult Swim's stop-motion animation show, "Robot Chicken," which is slated for a seventh season later this year.
He's not slowing down anytime soon. This week, he can be seen co-starring in the new indie drama "The Story of Luke," which opens in select theaters nationwide and on video on demand, as well as in the film "Sexy Evil Genius," which hits video on-demand today. It was also recently announced that Green will star in "Dads," Seth MacFarlane's forthcoming live-action comedy on Fox.
CNN recently spoke with Green about Hollywood's digital revolution, nostalgic television and if we can ever expect to see that rumored Austin Powers sequel.
CNN: "The Story of Luke" centers around a guy with autism who's trying to get a job and get a girl. What's been your connection to autism before this film?
Seth Green: I don't know that I've had too much of a personal connection. I've met autistic people and I