Auschwitz survivor's search for long-lost twin

Updated 1:24 PM ET, Sun April 7, 2013
Menachem BodnerMenachem BodnerMenachem Bodner
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Auschwitz survivor Menachem Bodner, now 73, is searching for his long-lost twin brother Jeno, known as Jolli. The pair became separated when the camp was liberated in January 1945. Courtesy: Menachem Bodner
Bodner originally thought this photograph, which he believed showed him, as a baby with his family, would help his search. But it is now thought to be a picture of a different group of people. Courtesy: Menachem Bodner
Instead Bodner, born Eli Gottesman and originally from Ukraine, hopes to trace his brother through the camp ID numbers tattooed on their arms: A7733 and A7734. If you know what happened to Jeno, visit Bodner's Facebook page. Courtesy: Menachem Bodner