AEG Live to put Michael Jackson on trial in his own death


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Michael Jackson's mom and kids claim AEG Live is liable in his death

The suit accuses AEG Live of the negligent hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray

Murray was Jackson's employee, not AEG Live's, promoter's lawyer says

He was convicted of causing the death of pop star Michael Jackson. Now, Dr. Conrad Murray tells his side in his first TV interview from jail.
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Los Angeles CNN —  

Michael Jackson’s last concert promoter will defend itself in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the pop icon’s family by arguing that Jackson was responsible for his own demise.

Child molestation accusations against Jackson, for which he was acquitted after a trial, and evidence of his drug addiction will likely be presented by AEG Live’s lawyers as they argue that the company had no liability in his death.

The Jackson v. AEG Live trial, which could last two or three months, begins in a Los Angeles courtroom Tuesday.