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A popular Egyptan television host is called in for questioning

Complaints have been filed alleging that Bassem Yousef insulted Islam

Yousef is a well-known satirist

(CNN) —  

Egypt’s public prosecutor has summoned satirist Bassem Yousef for questioning as part of an investigation into whether he insulted Islam and the president.

Yousef hosts a show similar to “The Daily Show” in the United States. It’s popular in Egypt, especially among liberals and young viewers.

It is a crime to insult any religion in Egypt, and this week some lawyers filed complaints with the prosecutor’s office alleging Yousef mocked Islam and President Mohamed Morsy.

An order to interrogate the TV host was issued a few days ago, a spokesman for the prosecutor said, but officials waited to look further into the allegations before calling him in.

Social media helped propel Youssef to fame, and social media posts swelled in support of him Sunday.

But after he was released on bail, the TV host offered a more serious message to his 1.2 million Twitter followers: “Touched by people’s support and media attention, however, there are many more activists being prosecuted that deserve to get that support.”

Journalist Adam Makary contributed to this report.