Fit Nation 2013 kickoff weekend

Published 3:42 PM ET, Fri March 29, 2013
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The Fit Nation team celebrates at the top of Stone Mountain in Georgia after completing the steep 1.1-mile hike up. The 2013 6-Pack were in town for Fit Nation's kickoff weekend January 24 to 27. From left, Douglas Mogle, Annette Miller, Will Cleveland, Tabitha McMahon, Rae Timme and Stacy Mantooth. John Nowak/CNN
Mantooth and coach April Burkey hike up Stone Mountain. John Nowak/CNN
Cleveland goes for a run in Centennial Olympic Park outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta. John Nowak/CNN
Mantooth gets in a swim at the Turner Athletic Club at CNN Center. John Nowak/CNN
The Fit Nation team stops to take a picture with the Atlanta Hawks' manager of player relations, retired NBA player Duane Ferrell. John Nowak/CNN
Timme does basketball drills on the Atlanta Hawks practice court. John Nowak/CNN
Mogle does agility drills with the Atlanta Hawks trainers. John Nowak/CNN
Sports nutritionist Illana Katz and Whole Foods healthy eating liaison Rebecca Van Damm give a food demo to the team. John Nowak/CNN
Mantooth works hard to hold a plank pose. John Nowak/CNN
Timme works her upper body during a strength workout. John Nowak/CNN
Mogle tones his abs at the Turner Athletic Club. John Nowak/CNN
Dr. Sanjay Gupta does a strength workout with the Fit Nation team and the Atlanta Hawks trainers. John Nowak/CNN
Miller, Mantooth and McMahon bundle up to complete their run. John Nowak/CNN
The Fit Nation team pauses for an "all in" after a run. John Nowak/CNN