Robotic roaches and fish that glow

Updated 6:24 AM ET, Fri March 29, 2013
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Advances in biotechnology allow scientists to modify animals in ways that nature did not intend. GloFish carry a fluorescence gene that makes them "glow" under a black light in a darkened room.
The genetically modified Mr. Green Genes looks like an everyday kitten when the lights are on ... Audubon Nature Institute
... But when the lights are out, the cat glows under an ultraviolet light thanks to a fluorescence gene in his cells. Courtesy Audubon Nature Institute
Atlantic bottlenose dolphin Winter, whose story inspired the movie "Dolphin Tale," swims with a prosthetic tail after her real one was lost in an accident. Courtesy Hangar Clinic
This RoboRoach has been wired with circuitry that allows a handler to move it by remote control. Courtesy Emily Anthes
"Frankenstein's Cat" author Emily Anthes with her dog, Milo. "Our scientific tools are new, but the ethical questions they raise are not," she says. Courtesy Nina Subin