Arab women directors on the rise

Updated 12:04 AM ET, Fri March 29, 2013
Saudi film directorSaudi film director
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Haifaa Al Mansour's feature "Wadjda" is the first feature film by a Saudi woman and the first feature to be shot entirely in the kingdom. Tobias Kownatzki / Razor Film
Palestinian-Jordanian director Annemarie Jacir, whose second feature, "When I Saw You," has won awards at film festivals in Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Berlin. She spent 16 years growing up in Saudi Arabia, a country where cinemas are banned. Courtesy Annemarie Jacir
Tarek, the leading character in Palestinian-Jordanian director Annemarie Jacir's second feature "When I Saw You," is played by 13-year-old Mahmoud Asfa. Courtesy Annemarie Jacir
The teen, who had never acted before he was cast in the role, is -- like his character -- a Palestinian living in a refugee camp in Jordan. Courtesy Annemarie Jacir
Lebanese director Sabine El Chemaa won first prize in the short film category at the Dubai Film Festival for her latest effort, "Un Mardi (One Tuesday)." She says increased funding for films from Gulf countries in recent years has helped bring greater attention to Arab cinema. Courtesy Sabine El Chemaa