Photos: Look before you eat, kids

Updated 2:06 PM ET, Fri March 29, 2013
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According to the report "Kids' Meals: Obesity on the Menu" published by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 97% of nearly 3,500 kids' meals analyzed don't meet basic nutritional standards. Click through to look at the worst offenders and better options for you to consider. Sarah LeTrent/CNN
Applebee's grilled cheese on sourdough with french fries and 2% chocolate milk has 1,210 calories with 62 grams of total fat (46% of calories), 21 grams of saturated fat (16%) and 2,340 milligrams of sodium. That meal has nearly three times as many calories, and three times as much sodium, as the Center for Science in the Public Interest's criteria allow. A better option would be the grilled chicken sandwich meal for kids with steamed broccoli and apple or grape juice, totaling only 355 calories. Courtesy Applebee's
Chili's pizza with french fries and chocolate milk has 1,120 calories, 43.5 grams of total fat (35% of calories), 19.5 grams of saturated fat (16% of calories, and about as much saturated fat as an adult should consume in an entire day) and 2,025 milligrams of sodium. A healthier option would be grilled chicken, salad with low-fat ranch dressing, fresh pineapples, steamed broccoli and celery sticks, part of the restaurant's Pepper Pals meals. Courtesy Chili's
Denny's junior cheeseburger and french fries has 980 calories, 55 grams of total fat (51% of calories), 20 grams of saturated fat (18%) and 1,110 mg of sodium. Denny's does not include beverages with kids' meals. Courtesy Denny's
Dairy Queen's chicken strips, kids fries, sauce, Arctic Rush (a Slushee-type frozen drink) and Dilly Bar has 1,027 calories, 45 grams of total fat (39% of calories), 15 grams of saturated fat (13% of calories) and 1,733 mg of sodium. Courtesy Dairy Queen
Subway kids' roast beef sub, apple slices and 1% milk comes in at 395 calories. All eight of Subway's Fresh Fit for Kids meal combinations met the center's nutrition criteria. Courtesy Subway
Burger King's maple-flavored Quaker oatmeal is a healthy option with whole grains. Courtesy Burger King
International House of Pancakes' whole-wheat blueberry pancakes are another healthy option, at 260 calories. Courtesy International House of Pancakes
Outback Steakhouse's kids' sirloin is 188 calories and a healthier option paired with apples and grapes. Courtesy Outback Steak House