Saving Australia's trees

Updated 8:56 AM ET, Wed March 27, 2013
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Miranda is pictured as she ascended an old growth Eucalypt tree in Tasmania's Southern Forests, where she remained for 449 days tied to a platform 60 meters above the ground. Alan Lesheim Photography
While she holds the Australian record for the longest ever tree-sit, it was never about records. She had vowed to stay there until the forests received greater protection from logging, but was forced down in early March by fire. Alan Lesheim Photography
During her "tree sit", Miranda had a solar panel and internet to communicate to the world. For all this technology and communication, the isolation of being alone in the tree was often overwhelming, she said. This was alleviated in part by visits from family and other supporters. Alan Lesheim Photography
Miranda's mother, Glenys, braved the 60-meter ascent by rope to visit her daughter. Alan Lesheim Photography
Miranda's dad, dressed as Santa, also rappelled up to visit her. Alan Lesheim Photography
A group of well-wishers on the ground sang happy birthday to Miranda. Alan Lesheim Photography
Former Australian Greens senator Bob Brown also visited Miranda at her tree top home. Alan Lesheim Photography
Miranda captured the mist in the forest with her camera. Miranda Gibson