T-shirt tales

Updated 12:27 PM ET, Fri March 22, 2013
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Cynthia Falardeau's favorite T-shirt has a picture of the Michigan dive bar she met her husband at 22 years ago. Despite her habit of donating old clothes, she kept this shirt around for 17 years, storing it safely in her closet. Courtesy Cynthia Falardeau
Twenty-one years ago, Douglas Mogle got his favorite Notre Dame baseball jersey at summer camp. Although it's worn and a tad bit smaller, he said looking at it inspires him to get back in shape. Courtesy Douglas Mogle
On a recent trip of self-discovery, Dominica Lim picked up her favorite T-shirt from Thailand. It is a simple black T-shirt with headphones on it, but every time she puts it on, it reinforces her love of music. Courtesy Dominica Lim
Dreading her high school reunion, Jennifer Townsend decided to wear her favorite T-shirt, which reads, "Also, I can kill you with my brain." She said she wanted to express her personality. "And I ended up having fun, which was a genuine surprise to me," she said. Courtesy Jennifer Townsend
Rachel Lau met her husband Chad while waiting in line at a Superman convention. They were both wearing Superman T-shirts at the time. On their wedding day, she says Chad decided to wear his Superman shirt underneath his tuxedo to honor their special connection. Courtesy Rachel Lau
Beth Barret can't live without music, or her Rolling Stones T-shirt. "I've never tried to part with it," she said. "I learned that lesson from a CBGB's shirt that I gave away. I regret doing that, especially now that CBGB is gone." Courtesy Beth Barret
While on a trip in Sturgis, South Dakota, Funda Ray came across a small shop with Turkish store owners. Once the owners discovered she too was Turkish, they insisted she have a Sturgis T-shirt as a gift. It has been her favorite T-shirt ever since. Courtesy Funda Ray
Niena Sevilla displays her pride for her homeland with her favorite shirt, which features a picture of the Philippines. "It tells a lot about my homeland and my love for it," she said. Courtesy Niena Sevilla
Alan Borger got his favorite T-shirt as a gift from his uncle when he was 8. Now 29, the Sao Paulo, Brazil, resident still holds on to it. "The other day my uncle saw me wearing it and asked 'isn't it about time you got this prize already?'" Courtesy Alan Borger
It was a tradition for Jill Hoelting to get a Mary Engelbreit shirt from her mother because she adored the artwork. After her mother passed away, her friend transformed one of those worn T-shirts into a pillow case. She fell in love with the idea. "Those shirts were like a thread running between us," she said. Courtesy Jill Hoelting
Lynn Powell's favorite T-shirt reminds her of spending summers at her lake house in Arkansas. "I'm tired of the cold, wishing summer was here and I was on the lake," she said. Courtesy Lynn Powell
Clear Lake, Iowa, resident Justin Anderson bought his "Clear Lake: The Hamptons of Mason City" T-shirt in the spring of 2011. "It says that I'm proud of my home." Courtesy Justin Anderson
In 1980, Matthew Colver went to a Pink Floyd concert where he bought this shirt from their Wall Tour. Decades later, he still wears it occasionally. "The T-shirt to me says that I may be old, but still like rock concerts," he said. Courtesy Matthew Colver